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Ethan, that guy you maybe know.

Heaven and Earth Throw

Hi - Aikido newbie here - just started training with the Oregon Ki Society last week.

Last night a throw was demonstrated that kind of blew my mind. I would like to find a video of it, but my searches on YouTube aren't getting me there.

It's called the "Heaven and Earth" throw, and there are several variations. The variation I'm specifically looking for can be described like this:

An attacker runs up to you intending to grab both of your hands. Before he gets there, you scoop your arm straight up and then straight downwards, thus knocking him backwards. He falls to the ground without you ever touching him.

Can anyone find me a video of this?

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The Japanese name of the technique is tenchi nage or tenchinage - that should aid you in your search!
Perhaps with "tenkan" behind it? I was wondering about the ""scoop your (commenter's reading: shite/tori) arm straight up and then straight downwards." And the both hands, for search purposes, would be "ryote dori"

Crazy(and muttering to herself, sorry for the disturbance...)Soph

That sounds like Tenchinage.
It is Tenchinage, but it's a specific variation where you don't even touch the attacker - you shoot your arm up into his face and then straight back down again, thus throwing him off balance and onto the floor before he ever touches you.
That would still be techninage however the variation may depend on the how advanced the nage and how soft the uke is. I know of NO Aikido techniques where if you execute them correctly there is no contact with uke, but I do know some uke's who avoid contact at the last moment because flying across the room sometimes hurts. ;)
This is fantasy. If you don't touch someone who is attacking you -- especially if they are really attacking you, and not playing at it like most uke in a dojo do -- they will hit you. Waving your arms in a tenchinage-like way will not dissuade them.

Train hard and well, but don't fall for the bullshit.
Yeah, I don't do mine like that.. =)
Yup, it's the version of tenchinage where the uke does the technique for you :P